Write for Us: Paid Guest Post and Dofollow Backlink

Welcome to WishesBirthdays.com! We’re excited to offer you the opportunity to contribute a paid guest post or secure a dofollow backlink from an existing post on our blog. Please review the details below for more information:

Post Format:

  • Your paid guest post will follow the same format as our regular posts. No “Sponsored” tags or distinctions will be added.

Internal Linking:

  • We will integrate your guest post into our existing content through internal linking, providing increased visibility to your article.

Content Guidelines:

  • Guest posts should not include illegal, drug-related, adult, or hateful content.
  • Content must be valuable, unique, and adhere to high-quality standards.

Post Creation Assistance:

  • If you’re struggling to create a post, simply provide us with a topic, and we’ll craft the article for you.
  • Your guest post should contain no more than 2 backlinks.


  • Paid Guest Post: $30
  • Dofollow Backlink from Existing Post: $25

Payment Information:

Payments can be made in Binance, Bitcoin (BTC), USDT, Payoneer, bank account, or through a specific payment gateway of your choice.

Contact Information:

How To Proceed:

  1. Choose the service you’re interested in (Paid Guest Post or Dofollow Backlink).
  2. Email us your post or the URL of the existing post for backlink placement.
  3. Await our response for approval and payment details, mostly it is done within 6 hours.
  4. Your guest post or backlink will be live on our blog within 12 hours, and payment will be processed after that or as you prefer.

Thank you for considering WishesBirthdays.com! We look forward to collaborating with you and sharing your valuable content with our audience.