100+ Things to Do on Your Birthday with Friends

Things to do on your birthday with friends include giving you exciting ideas and activities to make your birthday special and unforgettable, as well as strengthening your bond.

things to do on your birthday with friends

Overindulge: Watch Your All-Time Favorites Again: It’s time to revisit the television series or films that made you laugh out loud or profoundly moved you.

things to do on your birthday with friends

Enjoy your favorite board games on “Game Night,” or ask your friends to bring a fun game so you can all play it together. On your board game night, this can even be a fantastic opportunity to try out a new game that none of you have played before.

Obtain Tickets for a Particular Event: See an opera, a play, or your favorite rock band. Go alone or invite a companion to accompany you. Finish the evening at a favorite restaurant with a classy dessert.

If the weather permits, get that tan going. Enjoy the sunshine on your lawn or on the beach.

Sign up for the birthday club at Cold Stone Creamery or Baskin-Robbins to get a free scoop of ice cream on your birthday.

You can see your favorite movie for free when you rent it from the public library. Additionally, Hollywood Video offers a complimentary rental on your birthday.

Take a long walk with your dog. Nothing compares to celebrating your birthday with the greatest buddy of man.

Get a complimentary appetizer on your birthday at On the Border, Rock Bottom, and TGI Fridays.

Visit an amusement park to relive your childhood! Enjoy mouthwatering fried cuisine, ride the scariest roller coasters, and try to win a prize for yourself at a ring toss with a friend.

Organize a pleasant game of sports. Play pick-up basketball or softball in the park or recreation center nearby.

things to do on your birthday with friends

Visit a Zoo: If you’re an animal lover, a zoo can be a great location to go for a day, either by yourself or with others. Make sure to include a cupcake for dessert along with your picnic basket.

Backyard Bonfire: Prepare a fire pit and gather all the ingredients for S’mores or toasted marshmallows in case you want to spend a warm evening chatting by the flames.

Put on a flirtatious dress, apply makeup and hair, and rock your new age.

Engage in laser tag: One of the most definitely entertaining activities to do on your birthday is laser tag, regardless of your age—10 to 70. Locate one nearby, then get set to destroy the opposing squads!

Take a Hike or Trail Ride: If you enjoy being outside, get a packed lunch and head for the trails. You may hire bikes from a lot of locations, or you might go horseback riding at one of the nearby stables. Don’t forget to wear sunblock and water.

places to go on your birthday with friends

Escape Room: With friends or family, escape rooms provide enjoyable evenings for fostering teamwork. They often last an hour, so you have plenty of time to continue the celebrations into the evening by heading out to supper.

Give Yourself a Gift: Decide on a spending limit before embarking on a self-care adventure. When choosing a gift, there’s something unique about visiting a store as opposed to placing an item in your virtual shopping basket.

Yourself a Gift: Give yourself a budget and then set out to treat yourself

Karaoke Bar: What better way to celebrate your birthday than to shout out some old favorites with the people you love most? Nor did we believe that!

Take a “birthday weekend” and decide to stay in and treat yourself to a staycation. Many other things on this list can also be included for a complete staycation! or look for ideas that are suitable for the whole family.

Restaurant: There’s a reason this birthday party concept is so popular. It’s always a success to celebrate a birthday with the honoree’s favorite dish. Remember to save space for dessert, though.

Wine Cellar/Winery: Connoisseurs of wine of any speed will find wineries and wine cellars to be ideal. Purchase a bottle and have a picnic, or ask a sommelier to lead you through a comprehensive wine tasting.

Fun things to do on your birthday with friends

Organize a Game Night: Ask your loved ones to join you in your pajamas, and ask them to bring their favorite board game or any old game from the past. Make sure the winners have lots of treat bags for an added touch of nostalgia.

Attend Your Favorite Exercise Class: Have you always wanted to give boxing a try? This is your opportunity. Use this day to sign up for that fitness class you’ve always wanted to try—a new one or an old favorite. Something new to try is always available, from aerial yoga to spinning.

Bring Your Friends Together for Mimosas: A breakfast with friends that includes a pop of champagne is the ideal way to celebrate your birthday.

Pool Party: Spending a summer birthday in the pool with pals is always a fantastic time if you own a pool or know someone who does! As the honored guest for the day, turn on your favorite music and spend the day floating around on an inflatable unicorn!

Pool Party: If you’ve got your own swimming pool (or know someone who does),

Face Your Fears and Go Skydiving: Take a leap of faith and make the most of your birthday by skydiving. You’ll feel alive again from the adrenaline rush, and the view of the earth from above is unmatched in beauty. Plus, facing your concerns head-on will give you the confidence and spirit of adventure you need to embrace your new age.

Things to do on your birthday with friends may help you celebrate in a unique way. You can also check out other Happy 17th Birthday.